Total Art j.d.o.o. (owner of webshop is obligated to secure all the clients private informations, in such way to collect only the necessary data of his clients that are viable for the fulfimlentt of our obligations, to inform the clients of the way the data we collect are being used, gives clients a choice how their data will be used, including the possibility do decide if they want their
name to be excluded from the mailinglist used for marketing purposes. All the consumers data are considered as classified information and ared eligbile only to the employes of our company who need them for completing their job. All the employes of Total Art j.d.o.o. and all of their business partners are responsible for protecting the privacy policy.

Of privacy and protection of consumers data

Total Art j.d.o.o. is a owner of a webshop, and as such, it collects certain data from its clients, that are necessary for the shipment of our goods. We acquire data as your name and last name, the adress of shipment (street, city, country) and a phone number.

All the data from above are collected in our companys server, with an a encription username and password, available only to our employes, and that data will be used only on the package that will be sent to the customer, so that our delivery service Croatian post service/HP-express arer able to deliver our package.

Total Art j.d.o.o. are committed to keep secret of all the collected data and it will not share with any third party for advertisment purposes or anything that is not releated with our store.

Social security number, place of birth, date of birth, gender or any other personal data that are unnecessary for package delivery will never be asked from our company.


We are taking all the necessary measures that are needed to protect the user data. The confidential data are protected online and offline. Access to the user data is strictly confidental. Access to the user data ss allowed only to our employes that need the data to be able to send the package to our client. For all additional questions about the security on our web page you could sent an e-mail to:

Cookie policy

If we are able to give you the best experience of our page, and that the page would run correctly, this page saves a small amount of data on your PC (cookies). By using our page you are accepting the usage of cookies on yopur PC. Blocking cookies you’re still able to visit our page.

What is a „cookie“

Cookie is a information saved on your PC by the web page that you visit.

Cookies enables the page to show information suited to your need. They usually save some of your settings (session token), and settings for the web page, like informations about open tabs on home page. In future, when you open the same page again, the internet browser sends back the cookies belonging to that page.

Cookies enables us to track the amount of traffic on our page, and with that data we try to make better experience for all our customers.

All the informations saved by cookies are acumulated and are anonimus, and they enables us to track the efficiency of the page and are not shared with any other business subject.

All of this data can be saved only with your permission – web pages are not able to get access to the informations that have not been given approval for and are unable to get access to other informations/data on your PC.

What are first party cookies? They come from the web page you have visited, and they can be temporary or permanent. They enables web pages to save data that are being used the next time the user visits the web page.

What are third party cookies?

There is a couple of exterior services that saves limited cookies on user PC (Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics and AdWords). This cookies are not set by and are mostly used to help identified user behavior and in marketing purposes.

Available options?

In the settings menu of your internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Safary, Firefox or Chrome, you’re able customize whichcookies you want to accept and which to refuse. Place to find this settings depends on which internet browser are you using. With the option „help“ in your browser find the settings you need.

Disabling cookies.

Turning off cookies you’re deciding if you want the cookies to be stored on your PC. Cookie options can be controled and configured in your internet browser.